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  • Neurotechnology

  • Deep technology investing

  • Brain emulation, artificial brains, neural prosthesis

  • Future ecosystems comprised of many types of intelligence

  • Human self-directed evolution, enhancement, humans and AI

  • Mind uploading

Dr. Randal Koene introduced the multi-disciplinary field of whole brain emulation and is lead architect of the scientific roadmap with which its technological development is promoted. Koene has devoted his career to human brain-like machine computation, neural interfaces, neural prosthesis, and the functional reconstruction of neural tissue since at least 1994. He is a principal member of the University of Oxford working group that convened in 2007, which produced the first roadmap toward whole brain emulation (a term Koene proposed in 2000). In the decade since then Koene has advocated for the importance of the technology and of the science, and has identified accelerators for its development. Koene's professional expertise includes computational neuroscience, machine learning, neural engineering, psychology, information theory, electrical engineering, physics, venture capital due diligence, and enterprise in early-stage technology startups.

Machines in minds to reverse engineer the machine that is mind

2012, TEDxTallinn

Universal Darwinism and Pattern Selection

2012, Critical Thought TV

Whole Brain Emulation: Reverse Engineering A Mind

2013 Global Futures, Lincoln Center, NYC

From neurotechnology startups to mind uploading

2017, 2b Ahead ThinkTanks, Wolfsburg, Germany

Debate at St.Paul's Cathedral

2012, Melbourne, Australia

System Identification in Neural Systems

2012, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia