neural prosthesis
brain emulation

Please note that I am still building this section. It is my hope that in time this section will grow into a set of pages for each project that will allow me to present purpose, hypotheses, outcomes, but also associated thoughts about those project in a way that can go beyond that which is included in published papers or software source code. I have yet to add content for these thoughts and works in the area of neural prosthesis and brain emulation, such as:

  • Brain emulation, the aspirational outcome for the field of neuroscience.

  • A virtual laboratory for the study, design and development of neuroprosthesis, using 'ground truth' systems in artificial neural tissue. (Including the new project at the Carboncopies Foundation in collaboration with teams at the Human Brain Project.)

  • Analysis and project development to take a neural prosthesis for the human hippocampus from academic study to commercial viability.

  • Whole brain emulation via system identification from functional data vs whole brain emulation via functional approximation based on connectome and synaptome data.

  • Partial brain emulation in well studied neural systems.

  • Small-animal brain emulation.

  • Neural interfaces (brain-machine interfaces) vs neural prosthesis, the business case.

  • Conscious artificial brains de-novo and via brain emulation.

Please check again to see content appear here about the topics above (as soon as I manage to schedule time for the necessary updates). If you already have questions for me about these topics, please feel free to contact me.