computational neuroscience

Please note that I am still building this section. It is my hope that in time this section will grow into a set of pages for each project that will allow me to present purpose, hypotheses, outcomes, but also associated thoughts about those project in a way that can go beyond that which is included in published papers or software source code. I have yet to add content for these thoughts and works in the area of computational neuroscience, such as:

  • Models of prefrontal cortex function and the discovery of natural reinforcement learning. (Including model code implemented in Catacomb, C++ and Matlab.)

  • NETMORPH, simulated outgrowth of neural dendrites and axons based on the stochastic phenomenology of neural growth cones; simulated spontaneous activity, as recorded by simulated multielectrode array. (Including GitHub repositories of C++ code.)

  • Integrated-and-fire models (with specific postsynaptic receptor details) for working (short-term), and medium-to-long-term (LTP/LTD) memory encoding and retrieval in the medial temporal lobes and hippocampus (including regions ECII, ECIII, DG, CA3, CA1). Various studies of robustness, forward and reverse utilization in directed navigation studies, and more. (Including model code implemented in Catacomb, C++ and Matlab.)

  • First-in First-out (FIFO) short-term working memory buffers based on nested oscillations of activity in pyramidal neurons. (Including GitHub repositories of C++ and Catacomb models.)

  • The brain 'digitizes and clocks' itself to prevent runaway chaotic system evolution: Collaborative memory systems at many temporal scales, utilizing coincidental co-activation of neurons in local populations to capture new knowledge, neurogenesis in dentate gyrus for concept generation, FIFO working memory, and propagation between systems using phase-locking and global/local subthreshold oscillations and recurrent inhibition to ensure that brain regions can understand each other. (This is in essence my original dissertation work. Includes GitHub repositories of C++ code.)

Please check again to see content appear here about the topics above (as soon as I manage to schedule time for the necessary updates). If you already have questions for me about these topics, please feel free to contact me.