Please note that I am still building this section. It is my hope that in time this section will grow into a set of pages for each project that will allow me to present purpose, hypotheses, outcomes, but also associated thoughts about those project in a way that can go beyond that which is included in published papers or software source code. I have yet to add content for these thoughts and works in the area of AI and ML, such as:

  • The comparison of human brain task / compute performance with AI performance.

  • What AI is missing today (why are there still things people do better)?

  • Building "planes" vs building "birds". When we want our AI "wings to flap" and when we don't. (I.e. engineered intelligence vs brain emulation.)

  • Reinforcement learning with time-difference algorithms found in prefrontal cortex vs TD in machine learning.

  • Machine learning for System Identification in Neural Circuits (approximating functions for neural prosthesis).

  • Machine learning and signal processing for the analysis of neural data from electrophysiology.

  • Machine learning for reconstruction in connectomics.

  • Design of neurmorphic processors, and application of neuromorphic integrated circuits.

  • Published work on probabilistic decision analysis for venture capital investments in technology companies.

  • Arbitrarily-precise approximation of biophysical functions using splines for fast, maximum-time-step simulations that predict the intersections of derivatives to minimize the number of scheduled events in the simulation. (Including GitHub repository of C++ and Matlab code.)

  • Image analysis code description (and reference to GitHub repositories).

  • Published work on AI assistance for an aging population.

  • The Knowledgetron (KT), analysis of trained neural networks and extraction of fuzzy rules.

Please check again to see content appear here about the topics above (as soon as I manage to schedule time for the necessary updates). If you already have questions for me about these topics, please feel free to contact me.